Terms & Conditions (Last updated 5th August 2018)

Bookings General:

1) All bookings will require a deposit to secure the date.

2) No booking is confirmed without a deposit.

3) Balance for your booking is due 4 weeks (8 weeks for Radipole Manor) prior to your event. 

4) All bookings are subject to availability.

5) Confirmation of bookings will be sent via email. Once agreeing to the confirmation email along with payment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. 


Payments General:


1) Initial deposit is required 14 days after first quotations. After 14 days we would assume that your would no longer wish to book.

2) All payments due will receive an invoice.

3) Payments can be made via cash, card or bank transfer.
4) If paying a bank transfer, please ensure you state the invoice number.

5) Final balance must be paid before the specified date or risk the cancellation of your booking with no refund of the deposit.

Cancellation & Refunds General:

1) Cancellation will result in losing your deposit due to loss of earnings.
2) If the full balance has been paid and you wish to cancel you will receive full balance if over a year from your booking date. 

3) A cancellation of a mobile bar where there are no deposits or balance required will not result in any charges. 

4) Postponements will not occur any additional charges. If full payment has been paid and a certain item cannot be rearranged due to availability then we will refund the difference.

5) On the unlikely event you are unhappy with the service we provide you will be required to speak to us directly regarding a remedy.

Car Bookings:

1) Standard quotations include a single way trip. Collection > Service Address > Photos > Reception Address
2) Cars are owned by their drivers and are subcontracted. Please respect the driver and the car.
3) Ribbons and bows are included with the car hire.
4) Drivers will research the trip before hand but on some occasions delays may happen with traffic etc.
5) In the unlikely event that the car breaks down on the day we will provide you with a taxi fare.
6) In the unlikely event that the car does not start on the day of the event we will attempt to find an alternative transport. 

Venue Styling Bookings:

1) All items are carefully picked for quality.

2) We ensure we that the service provided is of a high quality. Photos are taken after we finish for insurance purposes.
3) We understand that linen items get dirty but please do not worry as we launder all of our own linen and you won't be charged for deep cleaning.

4) Please ensure all hired items are looked after in your term of hire.
5) Large damages will be charged accordingly via an invoice. A discuss will take place prior to the invoice to find a remedy. We understand accidents happen.

6) Please ensure guests do not take items with them towards the end of the night.
7) We are not liable for any injures caused by damages in your hire term. 

8) We ensure all items are secure prior to leaving your venue and will not accept liability if something is tampered with.

Mobile Bar Bookings:

1) Bar bookings are deposit free with no minimum spends.
2) Card transactions are only available where signal can be found.

3) We provide the temporary event notice free of charge,

4) Your bar manager will be your port of call on the day of your event.

5) If outside drinks are found on site then we have the right to close the bar.

6) In the unlikely event the authorities reject the TEN then we are not liable for the cancellation. 

7) All bookings will come with all the relevant equipment. 

8) Draught stock will be agreed prior to the day.

9) We are not liable for any injuries caused by glassware, spillages etc where not notified.
10) We used poly-carbonate glassware which are safe and reusable.

Disco Bookings:

1) All bookings will come with all the relevant equipment required.
2) If you have a playlist your DJ will attempt to play as many songs as possible.
3) In the likely event that the music shuts off during set then the DJ will try the upmost best to get things going as soon as humanly possible.
4) Disco bookings start from 7PM, DJ will arrive between 6PM & 6:30PM.
5) Please ensure guests do not place drinks on our speakers. 

Glassware Hire Bookings:

1) Glasses are washed via our commercial glass wash machine. They will be delivered clean but may require a polish when you receive them.

2) We are not liable for any injuries caused by breakages. 

3) Please ensure glasses are placed within the original boxes for collection.
4) Breakages are charged at £1 per glass.

5) Glasses don't need to be clean on delivery.


Additional COVID 19 Terms: (Added March 2020)

1) Bookings will continue as usual.
2) Should the likely hood of a postponement we will assist in rearranging your event date.

3) Rearranging is subject to availability.

4) Cancellations will go by our standard cancellation policy. 

5) Certain items may become unavailable due to delivery availability. If this occurs we will help find an alternative where possible.