Glassware Hire:

Our glassware starts from just 22p. We have a range of glassware available to fit your requirements from champagne flutes to water jugs. All glassware will be commercially washed in our brand new commercial glass washer.


Below we have a list of all the glassware which we provide:

Champagne Flutes 


Size: 125ml

Price: £0.22 Each

Wine Glasses


Size: 175ml

Price: £0.22 Each

Half Pint Glasses


Size: 284ml

Price: £0.22 Each

Hiball Tumbler


Size: 242ml

Price: £0.22 Each

Water Jugs


Size: 1 Letre

Price: £1.00 Each

These will arrive dish washed and boxed. They may need a "Polish" before putting on the table. There is a £2 damage fee per broken glass.


If you have booked another service with us, delivery and collection would be free. If you just want glasses there is a single charge of £10 for delivery and collection.