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How to Illuminate your Outdoor Wedding and Impress Your Guests

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Organizing your own wedding can be very stressful, but if you’re planning to get married, then you already know that. Picking the wedding attires, inviting guests, taking care of catering can be very time-consuming, but one of the things that newlyweds-to-be always worry about is choosing the right wedding location. Usually, most end up picking the elegant-looking restaurant or event venue, but some also prefer to get married outdoors, especially during the summer. Now, if you’re looking to get married outside, there are ways to illuminate the space so your guests will feel comfortable and in the mood for the party.



Wax candles

Wax candles are great simple solution, especially as they’re much safer outdoors than when used inside the house. They also come in various sizes and shapes, so they’re easy to match and combine with other lighting options, and if you choose to use only wax candles, then you can opt for a few bigger ones as the main lighting source and use the smaller ones for ensuring that tables are well-lit, too. It’s worth pointing out that there are different types of candles and also the ways to make sure that they’re properly burning. Additionally, there are wax candles made of beeswax and soy, which means they’re also a great environmentally-friendly solution for those who prefer to employ green practices.

Steel lanterns

If you prefer more elegant decor, then steel lanterns are an excellent choice. They can be set on tables, or, on the ground. Lanterns are very chic and easy to manage, which makes them a great solution for outdoor wedding parties. Of course, there are other types and styles of lanterns, such as Moroccan lanterns, for those who prefer oriental vibes. Just make sure to choose bulbs with the right wattage, so everything will be properly-lit and your guests will be able to enjoy themselves. For more comfort and stylishness, you can also hang lanterns over tables and wrap them in various decorations.




For those who prefer true glamour, chandeliers will definitely satisfy your appetite for luxury and elegance. You can hang them in trees or above tables, but don’t forget to ensure the safety first. In some countries, such as Australia is illegal to meddle with wiring, so always hire a reputable electrician from Western suburbs who will provide you with great service and make sure that you and your guests are safe from potential accidents. Additionally, chandeliers will definitely add a touch of lavishness to your outdoor wedding reception, just like you’re in a ballroom of an expensive five-star hotel.


Fairy string lights

In case you’re a true romantic, then you should definitely consider fairy string lights, which are one of the most sensual and whimsical lighting options. If your outdoor wedding is in a garden with a number of trees, then that’s the perfect place to hang fairy string lights. Twinkling between thick tree branches and leaves can add a special intimate feeling to the whole event. You can also hang the lights above the tables, use them as a backdrop or even create a faux tent made entirely of string lights. The possibilities are endless, especially if you decide to hire a lighting specialist who’ll present you with the best solutions for your location.

Do more with less

You should surely make sure that everything is well-lit so your guests will be able to see everything (including your dress!), but also, don’t forget that sometimes, less is more. It’s important to keep the balance between well-illuminated and too bright because nobody will have fun with lights blaring into their eyes. Instead, you can combine various styles of lighting, so feel free to mix paper lanterns with candelabras, as matching more conventional and casual styles will make your party look unique and stylish. Finally, you should always employ a few bigger pieces of lighting, and then add smaller lights, as that will create a balance without making your party too bright.

Having an outdoor wedding is something to look forward to, but before you decide to start inviting guests, always check beforehand that your place is properly illuminated so there won’t be any inconveniences during the reception. In conclusion, be careful to balance the illumination so your wedding will feel like a true family event and not like a stage performance. After all, the whole even should feel intimate and familiar, so make sure to aim for an elegant atmosphere, that’s also friendly and magical.

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