The Perfect Day Customer Service Way:

We meet most of our couples at fantastic wedding fairs and walk ins to our showroom so we already have the initial contact with yourself. However, we do have couples who find us via many other ways such as Social Media Platforms or have seen our flyers, posters etc.

Initial Contact:

Whether this is a walk in, phone call or email we treat everyone exactly the same way. If you have made contact via phone call or email we will ask you a couple of questions to check our availability. If we are available to help you with your event we will ask if you would like to make an appointment or you have the option to visit us during our open hours. 

First Meeting:

During your first meeting with us in our consultation room you will be greeting by Donna or one of our excellent customer service team. We will discuss everything about your wedding and your requirements to ensure we provide exactly what you require. 

Gaining A Quote:

We don't hesitate when it comes to quotes, we will offer you a quote there and then while you are sat in our consultation room. One of our great ways of providing a quote is that you will be provided a break down of everything you wish to order.

Paying The Deposit:

Once you are happy with your quote you then you will have the option to pay via many ways. We can take one of the following methods: Cash, Card, Cheque or Bank Transfer. Our systems will provide you with a receipt which is legal proof of payment and an agreement between the two parties.

Unlimited Consultations*:

If you wish to to speak to one of our customer service team simply walk in during open hours or ask to make an appointment to make further discussions or alterations to your event plans. A customer service member is always available throughout the showroom open hours. Conversations can even take place on social media platforms such as Facebook where you can provide photos of what you would like us to create. *Subject to availability.

One Month Before Your Event:

This is the crucial stage as we want to ensure that everything is correct and we can make any purchases that are required for your event. We will provide you with a phone call or email asking if you would like to have a final meeting with us to finalise plans and make final payment. This way we can do everything all at one time.

One Week Before Your Event:

When it comes down to a week before your event we will phone again and double check there have been no more changes to your event. However, certain services we will provide further information.

Wedding Cars: We will discuss the time we will arrive.

Disco: We will check if your first dance song has stayed the same. 

During this time we take a meeting with all of the staff attending your event and go over everything to ensure that everything is seamless. 

On The Day:

While Venue Styling is the only service where we will not see you on the day all of our other services have direct communication with you at your event. A high level of customer service will be provided. If your event is a wedding members of our team will congratulate you on your marriage. Our bar staff are fully trained to ensure all queue times are kept to a minimum and keep your guests happy.

After Your Event:

Seven to fourteen days after your event has finished we will make final contact with you. This is to ensure you have received your returned security deposit (Venue Styling Only), ask for feedback and if you have any photos.

Customer service is something we thrive from and we ensure that we provide an excellent service from start to finish. Recommendations are a fantastic natural tool for businesses so we aim to keep you up to date using our Perfect Day Customer Service Way.

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